Jul 11, 2015

Sofia Vergara celebrates birthday with Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara celebrates birthday with Joe Mangan′ello

Today, 10 July, Sofia Vergara celebrates its birthday. Hard to believe, but this beauty celebrated 43 years!

Holiday party was held in a small, close circle of family and friends, among whom was betrothed imeninicy Joe Manganiello. But this does not mean that it was boring. As her character from the tv series "modern family," Vergara is able to arrange a happy holiday even in a vacuum. Sofia organized a gala dinner for his friends, during which sat at the head table and drank from a large glass (almost a cup) with the words Happy Birthday. There were no cake. More precisely without five cakes!

When your family know what you want for your birthday,

Vergara wrote below the photo with sweets.

By the way, for the celebration of the actress chose the yellow dress, emphasizing all the virtues of its shape.

We associate ourselves with the congratulations of Sofia and hope that the celebration was a success!

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