Jul 13, 2015

Rihanna on Twitter threat: police are investigating against stalker

Rihanna on Twitter threat: police are investigating against stalker

Scary messages

Rihanna has really more than ever experienced the dark side of Fame. In the last five years, it got more than once to do the singer with a stalker. 2013 tried 27 to enter her house and then RiRi even moved. A year after this fanatical admirer in jail landed and probably hoped the musician to have survived everything, it will have with a new stalker to do. This over-zealous fan used Twitter to get closer to his idol and scary threats come to the beauty.
The latter according to TMZ now called the police on the plan. It now examines the online accounts of the man, who is on the Internet as Alex Mercer and Ralph Alexander. It is also worrying that Rihanna's stalker is limited not only to online news, but also physically trying to get RiRis attention. He posted on 30 April is a Selfie, showed him before Rihanna's former Villa. On Twitter, his entries are also increasingly alarming. So was recently to read a confusing, directed at Rihanna post: "would a minute ago kill to @rihanna it were me right now. Witchcraft is a weapon. I use weapons, am just about to get a gun licence, can not use my hands."

The alerted cops tried to catch the man in front of Rihanna's House, but without success. That's why try now electronically - via telephone, they the Tracker of musician to get computer and social media entries.