Pregnant Victoria Dayneko dancing Frank tverk

- July 07, 2015

Interesting situation does not interfere with the artist of the Kindle. Victoria Dayneko, even being pregnant, remains highly attractive and cherished woman.

Pregnant Victoria Dayneko dancing Frank tverk

The pregnant singer Victoria Dayneko behaves not quite usual to its provisions. Carefully concealing a rounded shape - and in fact the actress will give birth in September - she leads a very active lifestyle, and almost does not limit itself to the load. Vika flies on tour, singing in nightclubs, and fiery dancing tverk, which makes it very professionally. Fashionable expectant mother dance performed in the pool. Clothed in saucy and vibrant Fuchsia Leotard, Dayneko convincingly moving hips, hiding from the camera of your belly. "We believe that the best summer poolside party. Although it isn't the most convenient place for tverka, "signed movie actress, earning him many likes and positive feedback.
It should be noted that officially on its upcoming motherhood Victoria Dayneko and not stated. In April she married the father of her child, musician Dmitry Klejmana. Young acknowledged Kutuzov registry office and staged a lush celebration with participation of stars. Since then, the singer began to give preference in clothes only orders free cut. To justify the fact that it forever changed-fitting dresses and wild kits, Vico stated that she decided to become a skromnicej and reconsider your wardrobe. However, some uennosti were left intact for it. "Maybe married, I became less paint lips red lipstick and not so often Don outfits, causing commented photo in chic dress in Paul Wick. -But red dresses I don't change.



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