Jul 26, 2015

Not a step forward: Saakashvili prevents Timati in Odessa

Not a step forward: Saakashvili prevents Timati in Odessa

The Governor of Odessa region, Mikheil Saakachvili, certainly not a fan of Timati. Saakashvili said that he was opposed to the performances of the artist in one of the night clubs of Odessa.

Odessa nightclub "Ibiza" invited rapper Timati to speak at its stage. Who knew that a simple desire to amuse myself and the audience gets attention gebernatora Odessa region? Mikheil Saakachvili said that would be met with great pleasure in Odessa to other musicians, but he is not here to see Peyton Manning wants and advises not to let his guards.

I welcome the arrival of Russian tourists in Odessa, would be happy to see here Makarevich, DDT, Zemfiru, which openly supported Ukraine, happily going to a concert for BG, but will encourage border service not to let Putin's henchmen on sražaûŝuûsâ free Ukrainian land,

politician wrote on his page on social networks.

Saakashvili also expressed his incomprehension of why such a good club invited this artist:

I think "Ibiza" the best club in Europe and one of the most spectacular sights of Odessa. And since I am a fan for you, I don't understand how you could invite Timati.

Representatives of the Club reacted quickly:

Dear Mikheil Saakashvili. Thank you very much for the appreciation and support of our Club. Peyton Manning has for many years held their concerts in our Club, and inviting it this year, we did not consider political motive of his speech. We understand and respect your opinion. Timati concert will be cancelled.