Jul 12, 2015

Kim Kardashian: big love and baby bump, it is on its small cloud!

While she tries to cheer up his sister Kourtney who has just experienced a failure, Kim Kardashian also takes good time in the company of her husband!

Kim Kardashian: big love and baby bump, it is on its small cloud!

She exudes happiness! While she was afraid of not succeeding in getting pregnant with her second child, Kim Kardashian has surprised everyone a few weeks ago by announcing her pregnancy. Since then, despite some annoyances, it benefits at bottom of this happy event.

In his usual manner, the wife of Kanye West continues to wear tight-fitting and very sexy outfits while she sports new forms. Until now, it was still difficult to see her baby bump with her sheathed slimming but the weeks pass and the star of reality TV can no longer hide it long...

After to be undressed time to a ultra hot shooting alongside her husband, is dressed in a long tube dress and a matching Burgundy coat that the mother-to-be has been sighted in Malibu yesterday (Saturday, July 11)! After several months to make round trips in several countries, Kanye was still in Canada Friday, it's reunion time!

Accompanied by his artist's husband, the two lovebirds went lunch then go shopping under the California Sun. Often mocked on the canvas for his egocentricity and his coldness, it seems that the interpreter of "New Slaves" is another man with his sweetheart. When this romantic getaway, he even won a few smiles at his beautiful he has not left a sole!

While it is the crisis at Kourtney coming to secede from Scott Disick, all bathed in the Kimye!

Kim Kardashian big love and baby bump

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Kim Kardashian baby bump
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