Jul 31, 2015

Husband of Kate Moss Jamie Hince started an affair with model Jessica Stam?

Husband of Kate Moss Jamie Hince started an affair with model Jessica Stam

The press continues to discuss the alleged separation of Kate Moss and her husband, musician Jamie Hince. And new information, rocker has found solace in the face of a younger colleague, his wife-29-year-old Jessica Stam.

46-year-old Hince hit the lens paparazzi near one of the bars in Hollywood at a time when Jessica gently embraced and kissed him on the cheek.

However, perhaps it was just a friendly gesture and stem just congratulated his friend with a successful performance (photographed a couple after the concert band The Kills, which supports Jamie). In any case, the tabloids already are discussing a possible novel.

Jessica went straight to him, it was evident that they are very close friends. They flirted and hugged a lot. Kate will be suppressed when learns that Jamie has exchanged her for a younger version of herself,

- The Sun quotes the words of Threadneedle.

Jessica Stam
By the way, Jessica clearly like men from the world of rock music, she had previously had an affair with Anthony Kidisom of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

However, it is too early to draw conclusions: Kate Moss and Jamie Hince has not confirmed the information about his divorce, and Jessica Stam as the representative didn't bother to talk to journalists about these rumors.

Jessica Stam

Jessica Stam

Jamie Hince