Jul 12, 2015

"Girls themselves agree on drugs": Bill Cosby's wife believes her husband's innocence

The wife of Bill Cosby always knew her husband was a passionate lover of women, but Camilla is still not believe that he could ispolzovaet drugs to lure women into bed.

Camilla does not believe that her husband Bill could give women drugs without their consent. She knows about his infidelities, but does not believe that he could be a rapist,

- family lawyer said.

According to a source close to the family, Mrs. Cosby proud, but stubborn woman:

The more people opposed it, the more it perceives as an insult to yourself.

We remind that on July 7 by the Associated Press Journalists revealed evidence of American actor Bill Cosby, which he gave in 2005 year in court on the suit of the former staff member of the University of Templ′skogo. According to these documents, Cosby has admitted to using sleeping pills, methaqualone, persuading women to sex. However, the materials of the case remained closed 10 years and were published, since a federal judge Eduardo Robreno found Cosby public personality.

In December 2014 year Cosby was accused of raping a minor. From arrived in a Los Angeles court claim that in 1974-m showman had sex with 15-year-old girl. Then Cosby went out of the Board of Trustees of the University of Templ′skogo, where was a member for many years. Only against an actor accused of raping 15 women. Most of them allege that before raping, it pumped up their drugs.
Camille Cosby

Bill Cosby