Jul 1, 2015

Donna Karan leaves the own brand

Donna Karan leaves the own brand

Donna Karan decided to resign from the post of Creative Director of own brand Donna Karan after 30 years with the company.
According to the designer, she wants to project more densely Urban Zen, to promote his vision of charity and commerce in support of health care, education and the preservation of cultural heritage.

For several years I chose the right time to make this step. And I am confident ahead of Donna Karan-lušee only,

- Donna explained.

As we have informed, Donna Karan has become the first designer, who developed the unique concept of "seven simple things." She thought through every detail, and its concept is that every woman living in a major city, should include in its seven basic wardrobe essential things. For Donna Karan this sweater, leggings, pants, leather jacket, blouse, suit and comfortable dress.

Unlike other designers, Karan never seeks to create luxurious outfits and said that her clothing is designed for everyone.

Donna Karan

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