Barbie girl: Rihanna presents its new fragrance RiRi

Pink dress, "Doll" make-up, gloves and Pearl bracelets: in such a manner this Barbie girl Rihanna appeared before fans in advertising its new, seventh on the account of the fragrance called RiRi.

A frame from the advertising campaign has started a few hours ago on the pages of star in social networks.

Girl! The time has come! Goes a whole new flavor RiRi,

Star wrote on Twitter.

Barbie girl: Rihanna presents its new fragrance RiRi

By the way, advertising campaign of the previous fragrance singer Rogue has been criticized for excessive candor, but in the uk it even partially fell under the ban. With the new campaign, such problems will not, after all, Ri on her innocence itself!

The frame of the previous advertising campaign of the fragrance of Rihanna

Barbie girl: Rihanna

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