Jul 13, 2015

Baby frustration! Cameron Diaz feels like a loser

 Baby frustration! Cameron Diaz feels like a loser

She is not pregnant

After speculation recently about a possible baby bump from actress Cameron Diaz was the rumors go in a completely different direction. To make perfect the happiness of the actress and husband Benji Madden, finally something - missing a baby. But, so far seems to have to wait exactly.
Only a short time ago the actress her management told she wanted take a year sabbatical for the baby-planning. But that seems to be so far in vain. The success lack of drives the actress in despair, as an insider RadarOnline revealed: "Cameron and Benji trying to have a baby, since they themselves gave the knot in January. She's devastated, that's hasn't happened yet." That is why Diaz is grateful for the support of her husband, he took care of themselves lovingly and thoughtful at this difficult time the actress.

Despite the care of her husband, Cameron can not free themselves from the pressure on her and the feeling of failure. That really worries even Benji. Cameron try everything to get pregnant, she eat, including special foods, which should increase the fertility, reported a further familiar of the pair. If it should become necessary, the two in their desperation even on professional assistance would have considered.