Jul 15, 2015

At "Slavianski Bazaar" Elena Vaenga confessed love for Ukraine

Russian singer Elena Vaenga confessed love for Ukraine. During a speech in Belarusian Vitsebsk Festival "Slavianski Bazaar" she noticed in the breakfast audience in the scarves of colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Singer with scenes transmitted Hi all their countrymen. "Thank you for coming," said vaenga, wishing the onset of peace in Ukraine. "I really love your country," said singer addressed out of the country folk song in Ukrainian.

We remind that in the beginning of November last year, the Ukrainian authorities were going to deny entry to Vaenge Elena their country, but the final decision and not taken. In July this year, the youth activists in Kiev offered a list of more than a hundred Russian artists whom Ukrainian TV show is not worth it. Elena Vaenga in that list did not have.