Jul 29, 2015

Angelina Jolie: She loses her adopted daughter Zahara?

Angelina Jolie: She loses her adopted daughter Zahara?

She has great fear

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are known not only for their outstanding skills as an actor, but also for their very strong sense of family. The happy couple have a family picture-book. In addition to the three children she adopted three more, for which they lovingly care. But soon the good fortune could be grieved, because daughter Zahara worries parents.
Zahara Jolie PittEspecially six-Mama Angelina has great sorrow because of their adopted daughter. According to National Enquirer Zahara to have expressed a desire to be Mentewab Dawid at her mother. And she will want to claim now even on her child. A world collapses so for Brangelina. You have about a decade ago from Ethiopia to be brought to the little girl and took it warmly in her family. In addition to Zahara adopted they also Pax (11) from Viet Nam and Maddox from Cambodia, which along with the three biological children of all the Hollywood stars are proud.

For loving parents, it makes no difference whether the children are own or adopted, because they feel the same for each of their protégés. The idea for Angelina must be worse to have to give up her beloved daughter. Should it come to a custody battle, she will fight anyway, like a lioness for her child.

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