Jul 25, 2015

A private matter: in personal correspondence with Hillary Clinton found secret data

A private matter: in personal correspondence with Hillary Clinton found secret data

In recent days, the network discussed political incident, which became the main figure Hillary Clinton: United States presidential candidate suspected of leaking secret information in private correspondence. news-4y ensure development scandal.

A large-scale discussion letters Hillary Clinton began this spring, when it became known that in 2009-2013 years she was in communication with personal rather than government electronic mailbox. As we have informed, at the time, Clinton served as United States Secretary of State, and under the law, the officials of this level are not permitted to use personal e-mail to obtain sensitive information.

In March reported that Hillary is ready to provide the entire archive for public review, to prove his innocence.

I want to ensure that the public saw my email correspondence. I have asked the authorities to publish the letter, but they promised to consider this proposal as soon as possible,
Clinton said in Twitter.
Hillary Clinton political scandal

Indeed, the State Department endorsed the idea Clinton soon, publishing in several stages over 300 letters policy (entire array archive plan to put on the site to the year 2016). Internet users could not find any crime: mostly the letters discussed working moments and instructions to employees.

However, this incident was not exhausted: during a recent check of the intelligence society United States revealed that several letters to Clinton contained classified information. Materials have been sent to the FBI and United States Department of Justice, and representatives of the Republican party began to accuse Hillary of violating the law and espionage.

Not in favor of spouses Bill Clinton played and the fact that a portion of the correspondence it yourself removed from the server (Hillary argued that these letters worn personal character, but her opponents were quick to declare that so she tried to destroy evidence of disclosure of State secrets).

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Nevertheless, today, representatives of the Ministry of Justice said that the United States is not going to bring a criminal case against Hillary Rodham Clinton. According to the Ministry of Justice, despite the serious allegations by Republicans, the transfer of sensitive information via personal e-mail box is not a criminal offence.

Another major infopovodom yesterday was the press-service of Clinton and major editions of the New York Times. The New York Times article about classified data in correspondence Clinton was subjected to editing soon after publication: claims against Hillary were visibly relaxed, and the tone of the post was replaced with the accuser at neutral. New York Times readers were outraged by such a turn and asked for comments to the authors who have stated that they make changes requested by the press-service of the United States presidential candidate.

The New York Times article contained a large number of inaccuracies. We are all interested in, in order to clarify this situation, and I will do my best. Now, however, I would like to focus on the issues that really matter to American families
Hillary said at a Friday press conference.

Earlier, Clinton spokesman claimed that she enjoyed personal mail for official purposes, but at the same time comply with the "spirit and letter" of the law.

Let us add that most of Clinton's supporters are confident that the current scandal cost the members of the "party of elephants", attempting to reduce the chances of Hillary winning in the presidential race.

Apparently, the Republicans have it pretty well-at the moment, Clinton remains the Democratic front-runner, but it lost support in Virginia, Iowa and Colorado, which are considered key to any presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton