Jun 24, 2015

Rapper behind bars | 1 statement: P. Diddy says to his trainer attack

It had imagined differently from P. Diddy: as he at the football training of his son Justin Dior Combs from the sidelines watched, it seemed to please him as the coach with the 21-year-old was not. After the workout, stormed the rapper in the Office of the coaches and probably threatened him with a gun. Now P Diddy sits in jail. The reason of his off grid to have been solely self defense. Now the rapper gave an official statement.

"The various reports of the day and the allegations was written about are wrong! What we can say now is, guilty being self-defense actions that are Mr. Combs has taken on the day only, to protect himself and his son", the spokeswoman of P. Diddy, Nathalie said moar, now compared to The Associated Press. What happened on this day on the training ground, must be clarified well still legally.