Jun 16, 2015

Psychic's death Jeanne Friske "She could not celebrate the 40th anniversary of"

Daria Mironova argues that the decision to celebrate the anniversary of last year's fatal mistake was the singer.

Zhanna Friske was not in Moscow on June 15. The singer died at home after a long illness. «StarHit» contacted renowned psychic Daria MIRONOVA, to learn how to have passed the last days of Jeanne and Associates singer caregiver Mironova itself.

"She died in 40 years. It is a very bad figure. It's such a hard date, the tipping point, said Mironov. -It celebrated its 40th birthday, and he was not celebrating. Even then she knew that soon it becomes that this is her last birthday. It was a fatal mistake is that it celebrated the anniversary. Percentage of what she will survive, was very small. But if she had survived the frontier in the year 41, would have lived long enough. She fought to the last. Courageously. Jeanne suffered, suffered, her disease poedala.

It is widely accepted that celebrate 40 years anniversary is really not worth it. There is a fairly widespread superstition-supposedly a person noting this date, caused the trouble. It is believed that in 40 years, an internal human transformation: breaking this milestone, people either continue their life line, or fundamentally alter life. Many attributed the ban on commemoration of the 40 anniversary with the belief that on the fortieth day is determined by the posthumous fate of the soul. That is, some believe that celebrate this date-that still welcome your own death.