New Spider-Man: a superhero will play 19-year-old Tom Holland

- June 24, 2015

New Spider-Man: a superhero will play 19-year-old Tom Holland

New Executive role of Spider-Man will be 19-year-old Tom Holland - British actor, who played the most prominent role to date in the drama "The Impossible".

Sony Pictures Studio representatives have confirmed news, noting that many actors auditioned for the role, but Holland is unimpressed by the Guide.

We remind that earlier image of Peter Parker Tobey Maguire appeared on the screen and Andrew Garfield.

It is expected that Spider-Man That makes its debut in the summer of 2016 year in the film "Split the Avengers": in February it became known that this character has officially become part of Marvel kinovselennoj. Well, in July of the year 2017 is expected to premiere next movie about Spider-man, where Holland is already fully come into its own.

About the tape until it is known not so much detail. Withdraw its Jonathan Watts, who Police thriller "Pimp" and "horror clown", and the script write 87-year-old Steve Ditko and 92-year-old Lee, who worked on many films, explanations of various comic books.

Tom Holland

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