Jun 30, 2015

New Girl Orlando Bloom - Brazilian Luisa Moraes

Orlando Bloom is clicked kissing with Brazilian Luisa Moraes

From Orlando Bloom's new novel: the actor was seen in the company of Luisa Moraes Brazilian actress and model. There is no doubt that between her and the Bloom is not just a friendship: on a date in a Japanese restaurant actors were holding hands, exchanged gentle looks and kissed.
They ate sushi, drank sake and cocktails. Orlando and this girl constantly hugged and kissed throughout dinner,

an eyewitness said.

It is known that Luisa Moraes on 10 years younger than 38 years Bloom. She starred in several serials known not too, but her eating and loud project-thriller of the year 2015 "Consolation" with Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins, where she had a small role. In addition, the girl removed for glossy magazines and she tries herself as a photographer.

We remind that Orlando in 2013 year parted ways with Miranda Kerr. Since then, the actor ascribed to several novels (including Selena Gomez and Erica Parker), but the information remained largely at the level of rumors.

New Girl Orlando Bloom - Brazilian Luisa Moraes

Luisa Moraes

Luisa Moraes Brazilian actress and model