Harrison Ford shows marks of the accident he suffered in March

The actor is with scars on his forehead, caused by the plane he was piloting during an emergency landing on a golf course fall.

Harrison Ford shows marks of the accident he suffered in March

To be photographed on a street in Los Angeles, Harrison Ford showed two scars on his forehead from the accident suffered by him in March. On the 5th of that month, the actor was forced to make an emergency landing with his plane in Penmar golf course in the city of Venice. The actor was at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, and underwent surgery on the ankle and in the basin, it also fractured his hip in a fall. The rapid recovery of the 72-year-old actor impressed the American press.


The fall of his plane was shot by an Internet user at the time and was made the time before landing. "Very sad. I was having a great game," wrote the man in your profile on Instagram. This is not the first time that Harrison Ford suffers a plane crash. In 2000, a small plane piloted by actor fell in Lincoln, in Nebraska, but the Indiana Jones interpreter suffered no injuries.

Harrison Ford of the accident

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