Jun 4, 2015

Editor special effects series "Game of Thrones" ravaged lioness

Editor special effects series - Game of Thrones - ravaged lioness

In South Africa died in tragic circumstances special effects editor of the series "game of Thrones" and the movie "Divergent" Katherine Chappell: 29-year-old American bitten him lioness.

The accident occurred in the Safari Park, located 30 kilometers from Johannesburg. A tourist had violated safety rules, resulting in the predator attacked her.

According to the Manager of the Park, which was an eyewitness, a machine with a sightseeing group, which was lost, drove up to the animals closer than required by the statement. Lioness, lying in the grass, interested "guests," she approached the car and stopped in metre from it.

At this point, the Katherine Chappell opened a car window to take a picture of the animal. It was a fateful mistake: a lioness attacked the woman and her were lynched. To help deâtel'nice cinema hurried her companion Pierre Pod'ûter, but, alas, only hurt himself: he received serious wounds of hands and suffered a heart attack.

Katherine Chappell

Katherine Chappell

According to Western media, Catherine arrived in SOUTH AFRICA as a volunteer. She was engaged in raising funds to combat poaching.

Police had launched an investigation. Dead camera was seized, in order to assess the validity of park staff and find out the reason behind the attack Lions per person.

Over the past few months this tragedy became the third accident: not so long ago a lioness attacked a tourist from Australia. She received deep wounds, but she managed to survive.

While in the Safari Park said that the aggressor on the tourist would not be killed by a lioness.

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