Jun 24, 2015

Dmitry Shepelev son returned to Bulgaria

Widower of Jeanne Friske is now with Plato on vacation. The family spends time in the resort town of Ravda on the Black Sea coast.

Dmitry Shepelev son returned to Bulgaria

All last week the attention of the press and public was riveted to the widower of Jeanne Friske Dmitry Shepelev. Tragically, Dmitri was not there with the singer at the time of her death: with the son of Plato, he flew to Bulgaria, the trip was a child of the sea for a long time and pre-planned. Back in Moscow TV presenter could only on the night before the funeral. In Burgas, which at that time was Plato, his parents changed - Mom and Dad Natalia Andrei Viktorovich.

In a candid interview given shortly before the flight home, Shepelev said that conscious intent in his departure was not, and he regrets that it happened in this way the will of the circumstances. More demise of her common-law husband of Joan did not comment. However, his very identity in this time has been the subject of hot debate, and sometimes, alas, and condemnation. Not responding to the attacks in his address, Dmitry Shepelev behaved with dignity. He did not consider it necessary to explain what is going on in his mind, but his conduct showed an example of this courage, the utmost civility and caring for loved ones.

According to the parents of Dmitry, now the main thing for him - is the son of Plato's education. The two-year boy does not know about leaving his mother. As told to "StarHitu" Shepeleva father, Dmitri plans to talk later with Plato masculine and dot all the i. Anchorman also managed to publicly thank my mother Jeanne Olga Kopylov, which for disease singer helped the couple raise a child.

Today it became known that only briefly detained in Moscow after the funeral, Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev flew to his son in Bulgaria. At the reception at the Emerald Beach Resort and Spa, located in the resort town of Ravda, Shepeleva bumped producer Eugene Friedland, also flew to the Black Sea coast with the family. "Dima is doing well! - He said in one of social networks. - And Plato, son, this is good - chubby hero .... He to him by the handle. A step not let .... ". Friedland also said that Shepelev principle reads online and watches TV.

Samples in Bulgaria Dmitri plans a few weeks. About his future plans until the broadcaster does not apply.