Jun 23, 2015

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp will no longer come to Australia

The sensational story with the expulsion of Australia's favorite dogs Johnny Depp-Pistolâ and Abu it seems highly unkind to the actor. His wife amber heard said in an interview that he and Johnny soon return to Australia due to such a hostile reception.

We remind that in the spring of Depp arrived in this country on a private plane, taking with them their Yorkshire Terrier without permits on their importation. Australia's Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has threatened the actor that would euthanize animals if it would also remove them as a matter of urgency-that to Depp and Hurd eventually had to do.

In a recent interview, recalling that story, the actress said:

I have a feeling that we refrain from trips to Australia, to the extent possible. And all thanks to local politicians.

Amber added that, in its opinion, the authorities dealt a scandal for the sake of PR:

I think everyone wants to get their 15 minutes of Fame, and some politicians are no exception.

We remind that in Australia Johnny flew on shooting the new part of "Pirates of the Caribbean".