Jun 19, 2015

Aliana Gobozova got into a terrible accident

The machine, which went ex-participant of the show «DOM-2» Aliana Gobozova together with his son Robert, broken shells. Mother and son miraculously survived.

Aliana Gobozova got into a terrible accident

Ex-reality tv-show «DOM-2» Aliana and Alexander Gobozova this morning got in a car accident. Together with former spouses was their employee's son Robert and a family friend. The machine on which they rode into soft-boiled.

«StarHit» contacted Alianoj to learn details of the incident.

It happened today at 6 am. Behind the wheel was a friend, Sasha sitting in the front seat, we with Robik behind. We rode from Krasnodar to Lermontov, on Highway us undercut the bus and we crashed into a Kamaz head-on. I strongly hit her head, lost consciousness and shock couldn't get over it. Woke up only in the hospital, covered in bruises, bruises and a swollen eye. Thank God, Robic didn't hurt-Sasha says that after the collision he strongly cried, but then calmed down. It visited several doctors and came to the conclusion that it is in perfect order, told Aliana Gobozova.

A family friend and Alexander have not received injuries. Aliana said that to avoid damage to the ex-spouse helped the miracle. "For 30 seconds before the collision, Sasha became the Squeak mechanism so it wearing, says Gobozova. -And as soon as he did this, we ran into.

Now Aliana is next with Alexander and Robert in the hotel. "The doctors advised me to stay in the hospital, but I can't last long without a son, Gobozova. -If it becomes bad, turn to doctors.

It is not excluded that the morning accident will have a positive effect on relations between spouses that 7 April this year divorced. "Sasha is very scared and for me, and for his son, tells Aliana. -I am very touched. Besides, I see how he tries to return our relations-took a job that pays a lot of time Robiku, helps money. I do not believe him at all 100%, but admit that once again we'll be together ".

 ex-participant of the show «DOM-2» Aliana Gobozova together with his son Robert