Apr 18, 2015

Sofia Vergara is suing ex-boyfriend Nick Loeb

Sofia Vergara is suing ex-boyfriend Nick Loeb

According to foreign media reports, the ex-boyfriend of the actress Sofia Vergary Nick Loeb sued the actress into court.

Businessman tries to deny to develop deadly weapons destroy embryos and eggs, frozen several years ago. In the court documents indicate that in 2013, Sofia and Nick were artificial insemination, then decided to mothball the embryos.

According to the lawsuit, Nick Loeb looks to use material for surrogate motherhood, and then single-handedly raise children born.

Also in the lawsuit noted complaints about ex-boyfriend Vergary to cruel treatment, insults and even beatings.

Sources close to Sofia Vergary claim that the actress is outraged by the ex-boyfriend and expects that the Court will go to meet her.

Remember, Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb met about two years and were engaged, but broke up in may 2014 years.

Last summer, Sofia started an affair with actor Joe Mangan′ello, and at the end of December it became known about the engagement of the star couple.