Apr 14, 2015

SC became interested in the scandalous video: "Оренбургские пчелки"

The scandalous video underage schoolgirls from Orenburg exploded online. For several days he searched for more than two million users.

It became known that the investigating Committee will review this video where the girls are pretty candid dance called "tverking" (тверкинг).

The video showed a dance number called "the bee and Winnie-the-Pooh", in which a group of girls stood on a stage in Frank outfits and perform group dance, the so called tverking,

-the official site of the RF IC.

Investigators will give a legal assessment of the management of the dance school and higher authorities. They also reveal the identities of the dance, their age, place of study, managers of the dance school and determine who was dancing.

Earlier, 12 April video of dance schools, where girls performed the KREDO dance dressed as bees. The performance itself was held in January 2015 onwards.

Now, apparently, the class tverkinga in the Orenburg dance school will be closed.

scandalous music video

scandalous music video