Apr 20, 2015

Russell Crowe Rugby craze submits that destroyed his marriage

Russell Crowe Rugby craze submits that destroyed his marriage

51-year-old Russell Crowe boasts extensive has, however, in matters relating to women, the actor has always been odnolûbom. The Crow only one marriage to Danielle Spencer, who lasted 9 years. During the marriage the couple had two sons, Charles Spencer Crowe (21.12.03) and Tennyson Spencer Crowe (07.07.06).

In 2012, the article said that the couple broke up. Then all the friends and fans of celebrity cause of divorce was considered a partner Daniel on the show "dancing with the stars" by Damien Uajtvuda, but as of now is Crow, they with Spencer were divorced due to ...Rugby.
commercial point of view, yet his passion for rugby has led to the fact that his beloved wife began looking for attention, affection and care in another man.

«I can say that the purchase of a rugby club was a good decision. But I had a lot of work that may cost me a marriage. I had a very busy schedule. I always worked "- shared with journalists Crow 'Sunday Morning'.

Russell said that the decision about the separation was given his ex-wife is not easy," She tossed. It was difficult to accept that I'm constantly working and spend away from home a lot of time ».

Way, the work has not gone unnoticed Crowe after a couple of years after the actor's effort to revive the rugby league, the number of members has increased several times.

«We inspire a new generation. In addition, we have increased the cost of the club "- says the success of Russell.