Apr 15, 2015

Justin Bieber Coachella Festival left in disgrace

To kiss Madonna, who is a kick in the ass. This year's Coachella Music Festival and is replete with scandals. However, the scandals and the Canadian Executive Director is no stranger to Justin Bieber. This time, the artist went to the guards who kept watch over the entrance to the VIP area for the organizers of the concert by rapper Drake.

Justin Bieber Coachella Festival left in disgrace

Bieber began to persuade bodyguards that he needs somewhere to hide from pursuing his female fans, and the only place he could do it, it's there. The singer even demonstrated the necessary logging bracelets, but this is not convinced by the guards, and when Justin started without the permission of wading in the lodge, fired against him strangling reception. Then obmâkšee pulled from Bieber's body.

This attitude was not Canadian, and I was going to. Now he's going to sue the organizers of the event and recover for all the sadness.

I must say that Justin just have trouble. An Argentine Court issued a warrant for his arrest for last year, the singer and his bodyguards beat up local photo reporter and confiscated his equipment. Now Bieber in Argentina-a foot, because it shines up to eight years in prison. And bearing in mind the case when Canadian duraška wiped the floor Argentine flag on her concert in this country it is desirable not to fall.

It seems that Justin already took up the head and in January of this year, even apologized to all of your nasty nature and antics, but foot the Bill for the mistakes of youth he must for a long time.