Mar 2, 2015

Ksenia Sobchak pregnant?

Ksenia Sobchak pregnant

The news that Kim Kardashian is pregnant, povlâûtsâ in the press with enviable regularity. However, it seems that this time the evidence to come soon. ...

At the end of February the channel TV-3 Maxim Vitorgan hinted that they have with Ksenia will soon have children. Evelina Bledans on the assumption that the couple would be the girl, he replied:

Well, I don't know, girl or boy, but something, Yes appears.

As if to prove the rumors recently Ksenia Sobchak rarely has been at social events. For example, on the evening of the memory of his father, a former Mayor of Saint Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak, 19 February TV host not found. The day before, however, she was spotted at a press luncheon MUZ-TV, but the photo reports from the event contained only portrait images, and in General, in full growth, Xenia was not noticed.

Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak, 19 February TV

Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak, 19 February TV

Sunday's was not present and on the March in memory of Boris Nemtsov, though many have been waiting for her appearance.

Carefully researched a recent photo of Xenia in Instagram, we came to the conclusion that, perhaps, this time, rumors are not groundless.

Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia Sobchak pregnant