Feb 3, 2015

Ryan Reynolds tells | Fake info: Blake Husbandare baby is not violet!

Ryan Reynolds tells | Fake info: Blake Husbandare baby is not violet!

Only less than a month ago, are proud parents of a little girl Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds and enjoy their family fortunes since then entirely private. The one or the other details leaked of course despite of all non-disclosure to the public - including the information that the baby got the name Violet. But this rumor turns out as wrong - as Ryan Reynolds himself cleared up!

In an interview for his new film "The Voices" he stressed over United States today now actually on the question of whether his daughter is also really hot violet: "no, that's not the name. I want to say anything further, but I don't know where that came from." Thus, Ryan cleaned up now with the false messages, not revealed only unfortunately, as his child now says in reality. In this respect, Blake and Ryan of apparently further silence want to preserve. What the new Papa, however, but probably chatted, is the fact he was completely tired how: "it's still all so new and you can hold it hardly, even more than seven hours at a time to be away. I had to go to Sundance last week and best of all, it was one night long to be able to sleep. This was almost a pornographic experience for me."

Yes, the hot Hollywood dream couple has let with sleepless nights and fatigue to fight, because a nanny help - Blake and Ryan do not want that. "I do not much sleep," said the 38-year old actor, 'it's great. It is wonderful. But, my brain is just somewhere else."