News from the hospital | First reactions: Bobbi Kristina opened his eyes

News from the hospital | First reactions: Bobbi Kristina opened his eyes

Weekend Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina was been found unconscious in her bathtub, with the face down under the water and just before drowning. A tragedy that reminds on the death of their mother three years ago and is probably found their inspiration. Investigators suspect Bobbi could have intentionally caused the incident.

Because the brain of young women reported to have two to five minutes without oxygen, she has been in the medically induced coma and fights for her life. A full recovery was a miracle, the doctors say, one must also assume long term damage. But now it seems but actually a bit better the 21-year-old go.

According to latest reports a source said on Monday compared to CNN even that Bobbi have already a couple of times opened their eyes and closed again when doctors test had reduced the supply of the drug, which cause the artificial coma. The physician had advised but at the same time her family, including the father of Bobby Brown, to make not too many hopes. In an official statement of their relatives, it says only: "Bobbi Kristina in her family fights for her life. As noted by her father, please privacy at this difficult time to respect."

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