Yulia Chicherina gave a charity concert in Lugansk

Russian singer Yulia Chicherina gave a free concert in the "LC"

Yulia Chicherina gave a charity concert in Lugansk

January 2 at the Palace of Culture held a free concert Lugansk Yulia Chicherina. He was part of the Christmas campaign organized by Bike Club Night Wolves,.

I am very pleased to meet you - you can not even imagine how much

 - turned actress from the stage to the luganchanam.

At the concert, his well-known and quite new songs from her latest Chicherina audio-visual album Tale of the journey, finding happiness and salvation of the world, which has not yet emerged.

Handed out at the entrance to all pictures where Chicherina captured along with the sheep, who survived the slaughter send during a trip to Tibet. On the back of Yulia Chicherina left for each viewer autograph.

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