Jan 9, 2015

Women's Weekly: Famke Janssen has criticized a recent interview with Russell Crowe

Famke Janssen has criticized a recent interview with Russell Crowe

In a recent interview with Women's Weekly actor Russell Crowe allowed himself objectionable remarks against actresses aged seeking to fulfill the role of younger women.

According to Crowe, his colleagues the same age should soberly assess their own capabilities:

I do not understand the 50-year-old actress, who complained of a lack of roles in Hollywood. All they seek to play a young ingenue and can not understand why they do not accrue to such roli.Seksistskie and disrespectful comments Crowe caused a storm of criticism in social networks. Twitter and Facebook users have noted that most of the major roles in films goes it is men, not women, and the age of male actors do not really matter.
In addition, the statements of 50-year-old Russell Crowe criticized actress Famke Janssen and Jessica Chastain. According to Janssen, Crowe is not necessary to advise actresses in such a sensitive issue:

Something not recall that Russell Crowe was a woman. There are very few movies where the woman takes the leading role. I am glad that such a scenario is becoming less relevant on television, but in Hollywood for mature women are still a few good roles.

With Famke Janssen solidarity Jessica Chastain:

Russell Crowe need to think before how to say something. 

Famke Janssen

Jessica Chastain

Russell Crowe