Jan 21, 2015

The Group TLC collects funds for the new album in return for a party

The Group TLC collects funds for the new album in return for a party

Popular in the 90 's of the music group TLC launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his fifth and possibly final album.

According to the Group's vocalists Tionne Watkins and Thomas Rozondy, they turned for help to the Kickstarter, to draw the attention of the fans. Initially the amount they want to gather, stood at 150 million dollars, but only for the first day fans listed by the team of 54 thousand dollars.

By the way, anyone who will list at least five dollars, TLC had promised a lot of interesting things: you will be able to participate in the making of the album and vote which of the remixes you need to include and which not. For five dollars you can be aware of all the details of the album and learn first about his exit.

If you are so generous that they are ready to give the Group $ 5, you'll be invited to a bachelorette party with TLC, which includes mental conversations and battle pillows.

Recall, the third member of the group, Lisa Lopes died in a car crash in 2002 year. Fans have already begun asking questions about whether there will be a new album of old songs with Lisa.

I will not say "no", we are open to any suggestions. After all, everyone knows how much we love our sister. When you come to our show, you can always feel the presence of Animals,

Rozonda Thomas said.

TLC also explained that the new album will be "old sound":

We write music that people relate to ...to the eternal. We are not dependent on fashion and trends, because we believe that our music is timeless! Therefore, the new album will be faithful to our "old sound".

And how much would you pay money for a bachelorette party with your favorite band?