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The adhesive has begun | It is so far: Teresa Giudice is in jail!

The adhesive has begun | It is so far: Teresa Giudice is in jail!

For Teresa Giudice, it was now seriously. She namely joined her sentence of 15 months, on January 5. And this is both for the real housewives of New Jersey Star as well as for his family no picnic. But after months of drama in court and in the press seems to have somewhat compromised Teresa with their penalty and was eager to start their prison in a responsible and sensible way - above all, this meant that she wanted to make as easy as possible it their children heavily used already by the situation.
As her lawyer revealed James j. Leonard Jr. to people, asked to the 42 year-old therefore even therefore, who participate sentence on the stipulated day earlier - already 3 o'clock instead of at 10 o'clock in the morning -. So, does she still have the opportunity to say goodbye to her family, avoided the expected, huge media hype, which, as she probably rightly assumed, simply would have disturbed their kids at the same time. Instead she was able, after a very emotional farewell to drive quietly — by the public unnoticed - with their lawyer to jail. And Teresa showed there arrived from their strong side, as were her last words in freedom: "I will do this. Say Joe and the girls that it's okay."

Teresa Giudice is in jail

Teresa Giudice