Selena Gomez: blossomed in bed with her new boyfriend, it formalizes with Zedd!

Selena Gomez it formalizes with Zedd

This-time, Selena Gomez seems to have definitively turned the page Justin Bieber. FaceTime with her new boyfriend, the beautiful appears happy. The couple multiplies statements and sweet words.

Justin Bieber recently confused with Miley Cyrus, the desire to be a. Selena Gomez has visibly turned the page and it is in the arms of the German DJ Zedd the beautiful 22-year-old has found happiness and love.

While they recently met in the studio for collaboration, the duo today seems to have much more than a passion for music to share.

Indeed, on Instagram, these two then spotted together and accomplices at a party after the Golden Globes 2015 last week, share their Idyll.

Selena has posted a first snapshot on which it made a nice statement to her boyfriend who appears back plan. The latter tells his followers that he is missing.

Zedd has answered with a photo that means everything. On it, Selena appears in babydoll and bed... The lovebirds are FaceTime and mademoiselle, totally fulfilling. In short, big love which delights the majority of fans, others regret that JB is now forgotten.

Bye bye Jelena, now this little couple (too "cute") has a name: Zeddlena. "Your happiness is all that matters for us salt", "So happy to see you satisfied", "I'm in tears" can be read in the comments.

Selena Gomez has visibly turned the page and it is in the arms of the German DJ Zedd


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