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Scared: Jamie Dornan in fear of crazy fan

Scared: Jamie Dornan in fear of crazy fan

Hardly a movie is eagerly 2015 so much like the film adaptation of the novel by shades of grey. Not for long and then the Strip celebrates premiere in February finally and before the actor Jamie Dornan has some fear - the reason: he feared an attack on himself.
In a dark green parka and thick beard looks the actor from the cover of details magazine. With this look, he proves once more that he an absolute dream man and in spite of the slightly different look, a perfectly acceptable cast as Christian Grey is - even if some see it differently. And that is exactly what worries Jamie. In an interview with the magazine, he tells that he fears that even for his life:
I hardly want to pronounce it, but I am concerned about how John Lennon to be killed by a crazed fan at the premiere. Many people are annoyed that I'm playing this character. Now I am father and husband – I don't want to die yet!

Seriously he should do but his statement, because he added later:
if I'm actually killed, people will say: 'Oh God, it's not scary, as he predicted his own death on the red carpet in the details magazine?' 
His fans are likely to now strongly hope that no such thing happened and probably he convinces with its representation but so much so that there will be no reason to worry about!

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