Jan 2, 2015

Prokhor Chaliapin celebrate the New Year without the pregnant girlfriend

Anna Kalashnikova no one photo from the holiday. It is possible that a pregnant fiancee Prokhor Chaliapin just decided to stay home.

Prokhor Chaliapin celebrate the New Year without the pregnant girlfriend
Folk singer Prokhor Chaliapin met in 2015 without his girlfriend, actress and model Anna Kalashnikova, which in late February - early March due to give birth to the singer heir. On numerous photographs depicting how has fun days of the New Year in a cottage settlement "Gorki-8" Prokhor Chaliapin, Anna no.

What this means together wondering subscribers microblog singer. Whether in the couple's relationship is not so smooth that Prokhor has left the feast of pregnant girlfriend alone, continuing the wild life of a free man. Whether Anna near and just prefers not to appear in the frame. However, as it turned out, Anna and Prochor all is well. Just a young pregnant woman really decided to celebrate the holiday at home.

Exactly! Anya home, she needs to think about the child, which we are waiting!

- Leave a comment one of the friends of the future mother.

But anyway, and fans of the singer condemn his levity, they say, if fiancee waiting for baby decided to stay at home, and the future pope should be near.

Recall of the impending fatherhood Prokhor Chaliapin became known in early December. This news came almost in one day with the news that the singer prepares to divorce his lawful wife 58-year-old Larisa Kopenkina.

Prokhor Chaliapin without the pregnant girlfriend