Jan 17, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence to star in a biopic about the divers

Jennifer Lawrence to star in a biopic about the divers

On the screens have not yet reached the final part of "The Hunger Games" and Jennifer Lawrence has already signed for new projects.

So, today it was announced that the actress may take part in a new project of James Cameron, who is known to many in as the director of the film "Avatar".

working title of a new picture - "The Dive". It tells the tragic love diver Francisco Ferreras and his wife Audrey Mestre. The first has long remained a world champion in diving depth, yet its outcome is not broke Audrey. Later, she decided to improve the already good results, but died during its execution.

According to the publication Variety, Lawrence will get the role of Audrey. Full cast film is not approved.

Reported that this project will also join Francis Lawrence - the director of the last three parts of "The Hunger Games".

Note that soon Jennifer will play in film "Joy", in which the audience will be able to see her again in a couple with Bradley Cooper. Also in the picture will be Robert De Niro, and will take the director's chair David O. Russell.

Its plot is based on the complicated history of the life of a single mother in Long Island, which later became one of the most successful entrepreneurs USA.

world premiere of "Joey" is scheduled for December 25, 2015. Russian viewers will be able to see him only in January 2016

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