Jan 26, 2015

Interview mom Kristina Pimenova magazine HELLO!

Kristina Pimenova

Already internationally known, not afraid of the word, the daughter of a Russian soccer player, Ruslan Pimenov Kristina, shot for the magazine HELLO!, and its Glikeriya MOM-she gave an interview. She said, what is the secret of success of the blue-eyed girl.

How it all began:

When my daughter was growing up, to us on the street, especially abroad, were approached by people asking whether Kristina off in commercials or movies? And at some point I decided to show it to the professionals. So we have to cooperate with Moscow modeling agency that deals with children. Kristina then was three years old.

In the frame:

Yes, it always was a pleasure. When it was smaller, faster utomlâlas′, but didn't pose. Of course, much of the success depends on the photographer shooting because good footage to catch with the kids, but the child should at least be able to calmly stay in the lens. Kristina professional photographers call, saying that she had congenital photogenic.

Interview mom Kristina Pimenova magazine HELLO!

About the modeling business:

In the modeling business tough laws, either you are the best, or you better not do that. If you're on the right path, your child will be permanently removed, will be in demand. When my daughter was little, all filming took place along with the other children, often with friends, Kristina. It was noisy, fun. Young children do not perceive shooting as a job, rather than as a game. Now the daughter had already appreciated what is involved-she likes to travel, communicate, it for every shooting meets with peers.

About studying:

Kristina in the second grade, now they repeat the first plus, foundations of language, reading and the surrounding world. As you can see, there is nothing particularly interfere with that Kristina knows how to read and count. We often leave from Moscow, mostly to Italy, as the most famous children's brands-Italian.

The "excess seskual′nosti":

First, Kristina does not paint. Abroad it is not accepted. The most I saw-comb the eyebrows, lip balm, smeared on very strong black eyes mask konsilerom. And about the sexuality of ... If a person is normal, it will not come up with the idea that photography, in which a girl's arm between the legs, is sexy. I just ridiculous. The Internet also discussed a picture of Kristina in short shorts while playing badminton. They say, it is too much. People, do you? The child plays, he is dressed in baby clothes. When I was growing up, we were running in short sundresses, hung them on the horizontal bar gymnast is upside down. And no one thought it defiantly!

About your profession:

In fact I never appeared. I am an economist by training.

The early glory:

Whichever mean by glory. We have never had the goal of the child star and earn money on it. I do what thousands of other mothers who take their children to the dance in the acting circles. Want my child was busy engaged in creativity. Neither I nor Christina nor our close-nobody believes her star. It's a normal nine-year girl, a little naive and infantile in comparison with their peers, since "home"-has always been with my mother, did not go in the garden. She did not know about his fame, does not give interviews. We are with her Dad vs. Because, no matter how good our daughter was, in style "and what do you think of what you consider to be the most beautiful girl that you earn money?" may spoil. Christina may have a software glitch or thought that it is special. If in the future the daughter thought the glory or the serious modeling career, we will prepare, in cooperation with psychologists, teachers of rhetoric, on acting. And only her passion-art gymnastics photo shoot, and more of a hobby.

The full interview is available on the website HELLO.RU.

Kristina Pimenova, interview, young model,

Kristina Pimenova young model

Kristina Pimenova young model

Kristina Pimenova young model

Kristina Pimenova young model

Kristina Pimenova young model