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Gorgeous family photo: Hayden Panettiere radiates with Kaya

Gorgeous family photo: Hayden Panettiere radiates with Kaya

One of the most beautiful baby bellies of last year, a few days ago? Certainly, the actress and of everybody's darling Hayden Panettiere! Together with her lover, the boxer Wladimir Klitschko, it was the middle of December her daughter Kaya on earth welcome and obviously the little family is well animated. Now the proud papa showed finally a photo of his two heart ladies, probably a clearly underlines: Here are three people arrived really in luck!

On Instagram namely Wladimir now posted a pic of his two girls, as it could not be more captivating: While his Hayden teasing and a little bit silly in the camera, Kaya has her little eyes tightly closed, and obviously passed the land of dreams once. Her father, however, she keeps it gently in his strong hand - as idyllic! To the charming snapshot Wladimir simply added the hashtag "family, teeny, newyear" to what is already enough is probably the words! For these three can come in 2015!

wladimir klitschko with lHayden Panettiere