Jan 4, 2015

'Ant-Man': Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly in the teaser trailer first

On the Internet there was a teaser trailer of the first new film about one of the heroes of the universe Marvel - Ant-Man.

Main role in a fantastic picture sang Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas and other figures of cinema.

Many of you know that this project will be about Scott Laing - thief stole a superhero costume and reducing gas from Hank Pym for the sake of his daughter Cassie, suffering from heart disease. However, over time it will be on the path to reform, and simultaneously begin to do good things, of course, in the form of Ant-Man.

By directing idea, we first get acquainted with the history of time as Dr. Hank Pym - the first and most famous Ant-Man (Douglas), who fought against evil in the 60s, and then return to the present, where the hero gets hold our attention Rudd. As a result, the way these two characters intersect, and they begin to work together.

Premiere tape "Ant-Man" is scheduled for 16 July this year.