Jan 5, 2015

Alla Pugacheva much alarmed for her son Harry

Alla Pugacheva much alarmed for her son Harry

Yes, from this Alla Pugacheva long weaned. Now she again need to remember that such young children and sleepless nights, as well as the way my mother's knees were shaking when the baby fever.

New Year's Eve son Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin Harry became ill - the kid with the flu and just burned.

He had a temperature of 39, wheezing, cough. Thought, go crazy, a few days did not depart from it a single step. I have no idea where he caught a cold can of Klavochka. She also recently been ill, came to us with a runny nose, nose dart 
- said Alla edition" StarHit".

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

In front of the holiday Harry luckily got better, and his mother - quieter. New year they met with the sister and dad for the holiday table. Admitted as Primadonna, during the holidays it Naela couple of extra pounds, because she could not resist the temptation to try all sorts of different cakes. Now she has set a goal to lose weight.

Alla so many festivals held on the stage, it is only now, when it can not afford not to act, gradually re-learn to feel the New Year.
I no longer felt the holiday . Had always been busy, all in cases was not up to the celebrations. And now, when I left the stage, the start of a different attitude to the holidays. I listen to their songs and do not understand why I was considered a brilliant singer. Previously, I had to conform, to be a star. I remember a case that happened with my friends. Once I came to visit them, and their daughter standing and looking at me as a fairy. So I went to the ladies' room, and she burst into tears - did not think that I am just an ordinary person, 
- said Alla Pugacheva.

Now she is busy raising children and pupils of the school talent Future Star. Has not ended the New Year holidays, and she is already testing, as we are preparing for a big concert that will take place the eighth of March.