Jan 19, 2015

42-year-old Cameron Diaz pregnant?

42-year-old Cameron Diaz pregnant
on the set of the new film
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It is already known that Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden were married on January 5. Wedding musician and actress many seemed premature: the pair met at the time of engagement only six months. Diaz fans wondered - what was the reason for the hasty marriage? It seems that the answer finally found: a family friend revealed some of the secrets of wedding couple Diaz-Madden.

One of my friends newlyweds told reporters that the couple moved in together after three months of whirlwind romance. According to him, Cameron married ... pregnant! This version is supported by the fact that the wedding ceremony she did not even sipped champagne from a glass and drank only plain water.

Do you think there could be a cause for pregnancy wedding Diaz and Benji?