Aug 10, 2014

Too extreme? Miley Cyrus shows up peeing in the forest

Oh no! Slowly but surely, Miley Cyrus is always joyful show. The fact that she keeps her fans on the social networks to date,'s no longer a secret, but now she presented herself on a picture in a rather intimate pose.

On Instagram, the singer uploaded a photo of herself now that she is in a forest. Well, it still nothing special should be noted, but their attitude is more than clear: Miley peeing against a tree and lets them participate in the whole world! . Loose it seems to have perched at the foot of a tree, holding her tight jeans and looking sassy in the camera

The opinions on this scene that actually takes place behind closed doors bathrooms, go apart - of course is such a recording hardworking comments from their followers. Most describe their idol as a "freak", but still they love her Miley.

Miley Cyrus shows up peeing in the forest

Barbara Evans poses with her mother and praises her: 'How nice to see you happy'

Barbara Evans celebrated good emotional stage mother, former model Monique Evans, with a photo of the two on Instagram. The image is the mother during the visit "My love, how you love! How good is good to see you happy."

Barbara Evans poses with her mother

This week Monique returned to hospitalize the psychiatrist clinic where he had been last year. Who confirmed the news itself was Barbara in a posting on social networks. According to her, the mother decided to return to the place with the intention of taking the medications on time and sleep early. "Is everything okay with the whole family, that did not happen any fight with anyone. Armando My brother has gone to visit her aunts, primas..todos. And I am going this weekend to get a little with her. But so that everyone is assured that she is well, we have no specific reason for her to be there but the disease itself, "wrote the young.

On Friday, eight, Monique was discharged from the clinic to spend the weekend at home. "Today I am on leave from the clinic to solve things out here! Tomorrow I get back there to feel safe to take the drugs and wake up to life. !!! So many messages of affection I want to thank you friends .. But unknown beloved !! , "wrote the former model.

The producer Zé Reynaldo, a friend of Monique, visited this week and told us that her friend is fine. Make crafts, dance with patients and even gathers flowers in the garden of the clinic. "She wanted to be hospitalized in order to take hours using certain medications. Monique was very lonely and ended up sleeping too much. Do not know when she will leave the clinic that actually being a spa for her," Joe said.

Barbara Evans poses with her mother

Ribeirão Preto candidate wins the Miss São Paulo 2014

Fernanda Leme, 22, Ribeirão Preto, was crowned as the new Miss São Paulo in 2014, during the 60th edition of the event that happened on Saturday night, 9 in Sao Paulo. Altogether, there were 30 candidates who participated in the contest.

The runner-up was Miss Analândia, Deborah Cezar, while third place went to Miss Quarry, Caroline Maria de Andrade. Besides the title of Miss São Paulo 2014, Fernanda won the crown, the dress made by Alexandre Dutra and a trip for two to Thailand. The second and third placed will be awarded with a trip for two to the Riviera Maya.

Ribeirão Preto candidate wins the Miss São Paulo 2014