Aug 10, 2014

Too extreme? Miley Cyrus shows up peeing in the forest

Oh no! Slowly but surely, Miley Cyrus is always joyful show. The fact that she keeps her fans on the social networks to date,'s no longer a secret, but now she presented herself on a picture in a rather intimate pose.

On Instagram, the singer uploaded a photo of herself now that she is in a forest. Well, it still nothing special should be noted, but their attitude is more than clear: Miley peeing against a tree and lets them participate in the whole world! . Loose it seems to have perched at the foot of a tree, holding her tight jeans and looking sassy in the camera

The opinions on this scene that actually takes place behind closed doors bathrooms, go apart - of course is such a recording hardworking comments from their followers. Most describe their idol as a "freak", but still they love her Miley.

Miley Cyrus shows up peeing in the forest