Jul 14, 2014

LOBODA attracted a record number of people in Odessa

Recently held a solo concert in the club LOBODA Ithaca in Odessa. According to the organizers on the show attracted a record number of actress people more than 3,000 people.

Despite the positive energy and festive mood of the public, LOBODA gave a speech about the tragic events that have become part of our lives and almost every day there are in our country. Artist expressed great regret at the death of our soldiers and all those who fell victim to the events in the east. The singer also urged all his fans not to remain indifferent, indifferent and help all those made homeless, and everyone who needs help.

LOBODA attracted a record number of people in Odessa

Recently held a solo concert in the club LOBODA Ithaca in Odessa

World Cup: So wild Rihanna celebrated with Poldi and Co.

Rihanna celebrated with Poldi and Co

Once holding the World Cup trophy in his hands and celebrate with the German national football the great World Cup victory - for every football that would be the biggest dream. Could fulfill the now superstar Rihanna, because the saw on the victory celebration by Lukas Podolski and Co. obviously for really good mood.

Even at the last games of the World Cup 2014, Rihanna has turned out to be passionate DFB fan and now the singer has been rewarded for their support. "! They brought me the cup I love these guys congratulations", posted RiRi in the victory night via Twitter and let her fans to the exciting moments participate: Together with Poldi, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Torheld Mario Götze she posed with the trophy, let himself impress by Poldi past USA a winner kisses and made a idol photo again clearly who their homie. I wonder what Mario's beloved Ann-Kathrin Brömmel to say that her sweetheart has spent the night out with a female sex symbol? Presumably, the players' wives have as easy time turning a blind eye and to their men indulged in the fun.

mario goetze and rihanna celebrate the victory wm

miroslav klose and rihanna with the trophy wm

lukas podolski bastian schweinsteiger rihanna and mario goetze with wm pokal

Paparazzi : Jessica Alba and Cash Warren in Mexico

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren in Mexico

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren arrived in Cancun on Friday, July 11. Daughters, 2-year-old Haven and 5-year-old wife of Honor, as exemplary parents took with them.

33-year-old actress, twice mother, Alba is in great shape, and demonstrates that, by flaunting Caribbean coast in black-and-white print bikini with animalic (incidentally, in the same swimsuit Jessica celebrated her birthday at a party in Las Vegas).

When you look at the press and outlined tightened buttocks Hollywood star comes to mind is the idea Jessica in the fitness room and spends the day sleeps. However, the actress admits that it was not a fan of simulators:

hardest part for me - it squats. And jumping. And in general, any plyometric exercises I was very tiring. And I do not really know how to do push-ups.

Star Looks August premiere, "Sin City: A woman worth killing for the sake of which," in this case - the envy of many. And how she did it?

Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren at the beach in Mexico

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba with her younger daughter Haven fun snorkeling

Sophie Marceau and Christopher Lambert parted

Sophie Marceau and Christopher Lambert parted
Sophie Marceau and Christopher Lambert divorced, lived in married two years - it became known from the press secretary of the French actress.

Celebrities never tried to advertise their relationship and rarely appeared in public together, but the press still learned that their affair began in 2007 in the movie "Gone in Deauville." In 2012, the actors were married.

For both, this was the third marriage: Lambert was previously married to actress Diane Lane, who bore him a daughter, Eleanor. Then the wife of actor was another colleague - Dzheymiz Haft.

Marceau was married to Polish director Andrzej Zulawski, and then for the American producer Jim Lemley. From two marriages, the actress has two children - son Vincent and daughter Juliette.

Sophie Marceau and Christopher Lambert

FIFA World Cup 2014: Closing Ceremony

David Beckham, Rihanna and Vladimir Putin at the finals of the World Cup

While the whole world is watching events of the final match of the FIFA World Cup 2014, to announce details of the closing ceremony, which recently completed at the stadium "Maracana" in Rio de Janeiro. Among the celebrities who were present at this event - Ashton Kutcher, David Beckham, Adriana Lima, Eros Ramazzotti, as well as world leaders, including Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Closing Ceremony

FIFA World Cup 2014 Closing Ceremony

During the show, were symbolically represented 32 countries, the team which participated in the Championship, but the main characters of the day, of course, the finalists - Argentina and Germany. Recall that these teams are today fighting for the top prize.

Trophy, as we already know, Gisele Bundchen will award winners. At the ceremony, Brazilian accompanied her husband Tom Brady.

Total closing ceremony was attended by about 1,000 people. Among the top stars who took part in the show - Shakira, who appeared at the stadium with his son Milan, as well as Carlos Santana and Wyclef Jean.

Sons David Beckham first visited FIFA World Cup

The legendary Pele

Shakira with synom Milan


Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen and her husband Tom Brady



German Chancellor - Angela Merkel

President of Russia - Vladimir Putin

Championship triumph Mario Goetze supported his girl