Jul 14, 2014

Paparazzi : Jessica Alba and Cash Warren in Mexico

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren in Mexico

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren arrived in Cancun on Friday, July 11. Daughters, 2-year-old Haven and 5-year-old wife of Honor, as exemplary parents took with them.

33-year-old actress, twice mother, Alba is in great shape, and demonstrates that, by flaunting Caribbean coast in black-and-white print bikini with animalic (incidentally, in the same swimsuit Jessica celebrated her birthday at a party in Las Vegas).

When you look at the press and outlined tightened buttocks Hollywood star comes to mind is the idea Jessica in the fitness room and spends the day sleeps. However, the actress admits that it was not a fan of simulators:

hardest part for me - it squats. And jumping. And in general, any plyometric exercises I was very tiring. And I do not really know how to do push-ups.

Star Looks August premiere, "Sin City: A woman worth killing for the sake of which," in this case - the envy of many. And how she did it?

Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren at the beach in Mexico

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba with her younger daughter Haven fun snorkeling