Wow! After two births: Kristin Cavallari shows super-slim belly

Wow! After two births: Kristin Cavallari shows super-slim belly

That Kristin Cavallari has to be a mother of two, one can hardly believe that if you look on her Instagram account the latest images of the reality star. There, the blonde kneels namely willowy on a sports mat and shows her midriff top super slim midsection.

I have just finished a nice little workout and yes, these are baby monitor monitors behind me 
- she writes to the impressive snapshot. For the 27-year-old makes her children, of course, during a sports session out of his sight. Shortly after the birth of her second son Jaxon Wyatt Cutler Kristin Cavallari already presented again her slender after-baby body.

Kristin Cavallari sport

But unlike so many other celebrity mother Kristin also admitted to have to do a lot for their body. With sports and a healthy diet eventually melted the last superfluous Baby pounds.

This discipline has Kristin Cavallari apparently still retained seven months later, because obviously she uses every spare minute baby for a little workout.

Kristin Cavallari

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