Unusually open statement: Such is Vladimir Putin's love life

Unusually open statement: Such is Vladimir Putin's love life

At the beginning of the year saw a ring on the finger of Russian President Vladimir Putin in which one or other of the assumption that the politicians would have married again, this time with former gymnast Alina Kabaeva of.

Although was never officially confirmed that the two ever were a couple, but now Putin personally betrayed at least, as it is this generally look in his love life

short:. The 62-year-old, despite various crises and conflicts apparently privately happy and can enjoy a solid relationship. As the British journal The Guardian reported that the head of state, namely outermost calculated at a press conference in which it was mainly political content to this rather romantic theme.

When asked by a journalist whether there is for Putin since his divorce is such a thing as a love life, he said: "Everything is fine." Although a short statement, but in view of the fact that applies in its domestic media, tend not to report on Private Putin, but an unexpectedly surprising insight.

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