Dec 21, 2014

Shock! Muhammad Ali hospitalized | He has pneumonia

Shock! Muhammad Ali hospitalized | He has pneumonia

For millions of people was, is, and will remain Muhammad Ali, a role model. In his previous life, the boxer always recorded by his willpower and strength - and he needs now especially because he is ill again and is in hospital.

The message that announces the BBC today is expected to put a lot of fans in great concern about Ali: On Saturday night, the 72-year-old had to be rushed to a hospital due to pneumonia. It has already been discussed often a dramatic deterioration of his health, but his daughter Laila Ali described the most of them as untrue. This time, confirmed spokesman Bob Gunell the message about Muhammad Ali, however, says that his condition stable and "the prognosis looks good." Thanks to this is the fact that the disease was diagnosed at an early stage and can therefore be treated well. The members should help better cope with the bad situation to come this probably.

Muhammad Ali has pneumonia

Muhammad Ali