Kristina Orbakaitė is preparing for the wedding

- December 11, 2014

Kristina Orbakaitė is preparing for the wedding

Kristina Orbakaitė reported the good news that it is preparing for the wedding. However, neither she nor her son Nikita soon will not go down the aisle. It turned out that Bash is just a new song, which will be held in one of the Federal television channels on new year's Eve. This is a photo from the making of speeches by Kristina Orbakaitė and shared with the fans, signing picture pointedly as follows:
with the new year, and we have a wedding! 
New year's performances by the singer are on the Film Studio «Mosfilm». Even in winter, the 43-year-old singer in the new year's Eve will be displayed in a bright summer dress.

A colleague of Kristina Orbakaitė also willingly share behind-the-scenes details from the shooting of new year's TV programs. Preparation to numbers from pop stars began in early November, and the shooting process continues to this day.

Kristina Orbakaitė


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